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Gourmet Desire - Custom gourmet and cultural experiences with Jyoti invites you to experience, explore and relish the culinary and cultural heritage of the capital city of India that is Delhi.

Gourmet Desire was born out of the sheer love for savoring authentic tastes. Since its inception in 2000, Gourmet Desire has been focused in providing to its guests “The Real Taste of India” in all its splendor and glory. From Delhi to Chennai and Bombay to Calcutta, India is a land of diverse cultural and culinary traditions and we at Gourmet Desire take pride in delivering to you the multiplicity of the Indian cuisine, custom and tradition.

Food is an integral part of travel and who could know it better than Jyoti Agarwal – the culinary wiz behind Gourmet Desire. Her initiation into the culinary world started with sailing around the globe with her merchant marine husband and tasting cuisines the world over.

Passionate about traveling to different parts of the world, meeting people and trying the variety of tastes and flavors available has always excited her. A people’s person at heart, through ‘Gourmet Desire’ Jyoti has tried to share her passion about food and culture with others. She started her first tryst in the year 2000 by making and teaching health food cakes, desserts and chocolates under her hugely successful label ‘Dessert Desire’ and because of her interactive ability and ‘easy to cook’ mantra, she has been a favorite for cooking demonstrations in various clubs, organizations and television shows. She has also trained with Callebaut chocolates of Belgium as a chocolatier and today she specializes in taking cooking classes for people from all around the world which include the wholesome goodness of Indian Food, Desserts and Chocolates made low calorie.

Come and sample the sights, sounds and aromas of Delhi with us. Let us make your Indian experience as simple as 1 2 3.

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sample the sights, sounds and aromas of Delhi

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